Sail Girl Design: Peggy McDaniel, RN, BSN Makes Art With a Cause

Sailgirl Designs

Sailgirl Designs

1. Hello Peggy and welcome! We’d like to find out a little about Sailgirl Design. First, what exactly is it?

Thank you! As a long time pediatric nurse, now working in a corporate marketing role I really needed a way to unwind and feel more connected to kids. Sailgirl Design is an outlet for my creative side, which I currently use to benefit a group of Kenyan orphans. It basically is a website, Facebook page, and Redbubble Profile that combined, allow me to market my art projects such as paintings, drawings, writing, and photography. Any funds I receive I send to a young man named Julius Korir in Nanyuki, Kenya.

2. So you have an artistic side?

Yes, I think everyone does in one way or another. We just need to be open to letting it shine. When I was younger I used to do a lot of drawing and painting, and have always enjoyed taking pictures. I don’t really have much formal training, it’s more just something I do when I have time and I enjoy. If you haven’t seen Redbubble, it’s a great site for people like me that don’t really have a lot of time but feel they may have a few pieces that others may enjoy. The artist submits the work and then others can order cards, prints, t-shirts or other reproductions of what the artist has submitted. It’s more fun than profit for sure.

3. Why Kenya? Why Julius, and this specific group of kids?

Well, a few years ago I was traveling in Kenya with 3 girlfriends and we were driving back in a jeep alone, miles from anywhere. One of these friends actually lived part of the year in Kenya with her husband and we had been on a safari in her own jeep. There was a young man walking down the road in the same direction we were headed, and we made a group decision to pick him up. 3 of the 4 of us were nurses, of course. As we drove along towards his hometown of Nanyuki, which was on our way home, I happened to be sitting next to him and we talked about his life and current situation. I felt compelled to give him my email address and we have stayed in touch. He and his wife, along with some of the older women in the village care for a group of orphans and have been attempting to build a small home that could house them along with providing some community services. He obviously has big dreams but in the meantime, I send him bits of money here and there to help out.

4. What types of things have the funds gone towards, how have they helped the kids?

Basically Julius would like to be self sufficient, so I worked with another friend to send him enough money to buy motorbike. He has used it as a taxi service locally and it has helped but ultimately he and his wife would like to start a small business. The one thing about Kenya is that a little bit of money goes a long way! We have also provided enough money to send a couple of kids to school for a year. Things like that.

5. Do you see yourself doing more with your artwork and Sailgirl Design?

Yes, actually I also use it as a blog site to chronicle my husband’s and mine current life, as we are expats living abroad. Ultimately I’d love to do more art and possibly figure out some other marketing options to increase the funds available to Julius and maybe kids in some other areas that I’ve been. Kids are really my passion, and I’m happy to do anything to help even one child have a better day.

6. Thank you Peggy.

Thank you so much for allowing me the time to talk about Sailgirl Design!

Peggy McDaniel RN BSN, Sailgirl Designs

To buy Sailgirl Designs products and support the work of Julius Korir for orphans in Nanyuki, Kenya, click on the links below:

Redbubble requires people to sign in, they can do it with FB which is easy and quick.  Then search for Sailgirl or go directly to Thanks!!

Home Page

Sailgirl Designs

Sailgirl Designs


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